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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School

In case some of you may not know, I am a teacher. I have been a teacher since 1997, and have taught first grade for ten years. Although it seems I have trouble staying in one place for long, I desperately long to be rooted and anchored. Despite the winds that blow and the storms that rage, I am firmly rooted and blessed beyond measure in my faith, my family, my friends and my work with my students. Where some people think in my profession that it is important to keep up that professional wall, I have definitely crossed that line time and time again to help my students as learners, thinkers, and just as human beings. How? By showing them I too, am human, imperfect, and that I love them just as they are. Even the hardest to love.
That brings me to my project. I am intrigued and horrified by bees. I think they help the world to be a beautiful place in their diligence to travel from flower to flower, leaving their mark for the benefit of their hive, all the while serving their master queen. They also scare the "Bejeezy" out of me because when they sting, boy they smart! Not long ago, my five year old "Beat" (short for My HeartBeat) was stung in the head by a bee. How awful and tragic. For days he wouldn't go outside afraid that another bee would "get him." His little brother, Mo-Zilla (we just call him MO for Mo Love, Mo Hugs and MO squishes), rushed outside and not only squished the dying bee (see photo), but then proceeded to shred him to pieces in the name of brotherly love.

This entire display of familial chivalry inspired to make bees my theme for my classroom this year. It works on so many levels. My students will be learning to become a part of their "hive" or class community. They will work together like the workers in the hive, and they will then grow to help the world (hopefully) become a more beautiful place.

Here is one "new" project I made for our helpers display. I used solid black, white, cobalt blue, and yellow paper. I used the DON JUAN font and shadow feature for the title cut at 4 inches. The bees were from Create a Critter. I also embellished with a SIGNO white roller pen.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few Other Crafty Things

My sweet, and very addicted to all things crafty- friend, Susan, is the queen of blogging and hopping and creating these days. So much so that she has inspired me (in more ways than one- we go to church together, scrap together and she has recently lost over 60 pounds with sheer will power! Go Susie Q!) to be more like her. So I am posting a few more items I have crafted here...I dabble in cards but mostly scrap whenever I have the time between three boys, one dog, one hubby, and our recent big house move! I am also a first grade teacher, so tomorrow is D-Day getting back into my room to get ready for the start of school. So here are a few oldies, but goodies. I will try to post more soon! Happy blogging!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Day...A New Perspective

Well, I can't ever say that I have truly understood the power of collective bargaining or the fact that it is deeply rooted in civil rights.  But after attending the Summer Leadership Seminar for the last three days, I have a newfound respect and understanding of all things NJEA.  I met Barbara K, the president and have to say- she's not at all what I imagined.  In my mind, she was Pelosi-ish bulldog of a woman.  She wasn't at all.  She was soft-spoken, articulate, and motivational.  So many people preach that unions are the downfall of our economy.  I guess that those people don't work for one as powerful (and truly a work in progress) as the NJEA.  Workshops to inform ourselves, legal assistance free of charge, member benefits, support services, and power from the grass-roots up...I hope I can truly lead others to understand this powerful ally working behind the scenes as the underdog in the public eye.  May I have the grace and dignity to serve my fellow colleagues and the community in a distinctive and memorable way....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ok- I have joined the Blogging movement

This is my first blog.  My dear friend Susan kept telling me it was easy as pie.  She was almost right.  I don't know how to get anyone to join my blog.  I want to make it prettier.  But I think like most things in life- it will take some practice and many mistakes.

I am a scrapper and have often shied away from blog hops, sweepstakes and giveaways.  I consider myself creative and most of what I do sort of crashes together to make some chaotic but lovely end result (Side bar- I would also characterize my life that way LOL). Hence, the name for my follower-less blog.  Now if only I could figure out how to actually earn some cool points around here...Happy blogging! Wish me luck!