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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Day...A New Perspective

Well, I can't ever say that I have truly understood the power of collective bargaining or the fact that it is deeply rooted in civil rights.  But after attending the Summer Leadership Seminar for the last three days, I have a newfound respect and understanding of all things NJEA.  I met Barbara K, the president and have to say- she's not at all what I imagined.  In my mind, she was Pelosi-ish bulldog of a woman.  She wasn't at all.  She was soft-spoken, articulate, and motivational.  So many people preach that unions are the downfall of our economy.  I guess that those people don't work for one as powerful (and truly a work in progress) as the NJEA.  Workshops to inform ourselves, legal assistance free of charge, member benefits, support services, and power from the grass-roots up...I hope I can truly lead others to understand this powerful ally working behind the scenes as the underdog in the public eye.  May I have the grace and dignity to serve my fellow colleagues and the community in a distinctive and memorable way....

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